Summit Pizza Summit Pizza, established in 1957, is a family owned and operated pizzeria in Hudson County. Andy Zoino is the head of operations. He checks all recipes to ensure their unwavering taste and quality and is always coming up with new recipes to showcase the authentic taste of Italy. His brother, Sam Zoino, makes the pizza, taking great pride in the care that he devotes to each one. They originate from a little town in the providence of Avellino, Italy called Torrioni. The recipes that our customers have come to know and love were brought over from this little town back in 1957. Andy and Sam’s grandmother, Gaetana Leo, catered parties, weddings, and baptisms for Torrioni and several of the surrounding towns. She developed the recipes for her catering projects in her own kitchen and they have been passed down through the generations. Now you can enjoy these authentic Italian entrees and pizzas here are Summit Pizza! Although we have experienced recognition in past years – including being featured in the PMQ Lasting Impressions and the Who's Who in 2000 of the Pizza Industry – the greatest testament to our cuisine are the satisfied customers that have made us a family favorite in their home for years. We are committed to maintaining the same charm and characteristics that have kept us running strong throughout the years. From the murals on our walls that were hand painted in 1976 and finished in 1977 to the original recipes from 1957 that can still be found on our menu, we have kept the same things that have made us a family favorite, while incorporating new recipes and specials in order to constantly accommodate our customers’ changing preferences. Order Online Payment Options